If there is an emergency because of a short circuit or an uncontrollable damage caused by a puffed off electrical system, you can rely on M&K electrical services for immediate and expert repair. In such emergencies, having a robust and quick-acting service will make a huge difference to restore composure to situation and also to reassure that the damage repair will be a perfectly efficient and courteous one.

Even if you need an electrical inspection of home electrical systems or those at the office, you can ring up M&K and we can help you with the right solution. We have solution to all the problems pertaining to home additions, electrical maintenance and remodeling. Because we handle a multitude of home maintenance services and can take care of any problem relevant to home addition and reconstruction, we have a holistic approach and therefore arrive at workable and highly-efficient solutions.

Calculation of load, home energy conservation and building safety principles are some of the perspectives we deal with electrical repair work. This makes it easier for you to be able to get a quicker and long-lasting resolution of the crisis or emergency or repair needs as the case may be. We take care of electrical installation, repair and provide electrical safety inspection thereby providing you a safer and energy-efficient home to live in.
Lighting, specialty lighting, wiring, electrical fire control, breaker panel replacement, circuit breaker replacement, energy-saving electrical system installation and repair, shock-prevention devices repair, electrical upgrades and so on are some of the specialty electrical services we provide. Our service is founded on commitment, prompt service, affordable prices and client building through trust. We have succeeded so far and we continue to deliver brilliant service to our clientèle.


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