Decks are the best of home extensions where the extended comfort of your home is best seen and felt. Deck repair and redesigning is an essential due to constant exposure of decks to the weather. No wonder that it requires constant care and check in order to be retained well. The deck redesigning solutions from M&K Solutions not only cleans or stains and refinishes the decks but also rebuilds the decks to your choice. You will be given the options to choose from and we also welcome your ideas for deck redesigning.

Our customers stop worrying when they entrust us the responsibility to redesign the decks to suit their homes. We work to give a beautiful blend of aesthetics, durability and innovation. Deck redesigning is more challenging than building it anew. We have been able to exceed the expectations of our customers in delivering quality and timely completion of projects. Faded and splintered deck planks, popping up nail heads, broken deck boards, uneven and twisted boards or even a worn out deck on the whole can be sufficient reasons for a remodeling or replacement of decks.

Cleaning and treating the deck boards with effective sealers and stainers and repairing them or replacing them completely for a new deck is the most common step for deck restoration. At M&K it is emphasized that the decks are thoroughly examined and then treated according to the necessity. We do not give an overestimate nor create unnecessary expenses. Our specialty can handle any minor deck repair or major deck rebuilding work.

Most of the deck builders or deck replacement services usually do it the moment they are complained of a repair. They examine but go ahead with complete replacement even when only a minor repair is required. At M & K Solutions the extent of damage is examined thoroughly and experts advise if further durability is possible with minor repairs. We do not bill unnecessarily and burden our customers when a minor repair work can restore the functionality and appearance of the deck. This makes our service uniquely customer-sensitive and customer friendly.


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